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  Bit.Trip Saga 3DS
 Status: High Availability
Publisher: AGETEC
Platform: N3DS
Genre: Puzzles/Arcade
No Players: 1
Online Enabled: Yes
Release Date: 9/14/2011
UPC: 893610001464
Description Review
 BIT.TRIP SAGA 3DS is a compilation of the six games of the BIT.TRIP series originally developed as WiiWare and for play on various mobile platforms. A unique blend of classic 8-bit Arcade style graphics, and modern gaming elements, BIT.TRIP SAGA 3DS allows for a complete experience of this popular series acclaimed for its merging of the best of classic and modern gaming. Compilation features include: addictive Rhythm-based gameplay, chiptune-inspired soundtracks, a variety of gameplay mechanics, in-game guests and more.

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