What is Gamerang?

Gamerang is America’s premier online video game rental service that specializes in providing its subscribers with the largest selection of games for a wide variety of console systems, as well as mobile smartphones and handheld devices. Gamerang subscribers pay a low monthly fee and have instant access to the site’s extensive library of new and classic games, all of which are sent directly to members’ homes via USPS in pre-paid mailers. As long as they remain subscribers to the service, they can keep and play a game as long as they want with no late fees. Then, they simply ship the game back to one of Gamerang’s four shipping centers in the pre-paid mailer and wait for the next game on their personalized Game Queue to arrive. Gamerang is committed to providing its members with an easy-to-use service that supplies the greatest selection of the highest quality games at the most affordable prices.

Over 9,000 titles to choose from!

With over 9,000 popular titles to choose from, Gamerang gives you the largest selection of video game rentals on the internet. Whether you are looking for the hottest new releases or your favorite classics, Gamerang supplies all of your gaming needs across every major platform, including Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, PSOne, Nintendo DS, GameCube, and Xbox. We also feature fresh new apps for iPod, iPad, and other mobile devices, with more exciting choices for you to download arriving every week.

4 Shipping Centers

Gamerang operates four distribution centers strategically located across the US that provide the fastest delivery, so that you can spend less time waiting for your games to arrive and more time playing them. Our QuickReturn policy guarantees that you will receive new games in half the time. And as always, there are no shipping costs, late fees, or due dates. Play as long as you want – then return your game in one of our pre-paid mailers, and the next game in your personalized queue will be delivered to your door automatically.

After two months of membership with Gamerang you begin to earn exclusive Reward$ Points good toward a percentage off the purchase of used or new video games, as well as Gamerang Tokens that can be redeemed for free game rentals. The longer you remain a member, the more points you earn! Don’t forget about our Refer a Friend program, which rewards you for every new member you bring to the Gamerang community.

Gamerang Community

Become part of the internet’s most active group of gamers by joining Gamerang’s growing online community. Read reviews and rankings from other members and post your own comments on the Gamerang site. Be ahead of the curve as you receive news updates and special offers on Facebook and Twitter, and watch exclusive trailers on Gamerang’s official YouTube channel.

Sign Up Now!

Becoming a Gamerang member is easy and affordable. From Free Trial offers and Introductory Specials to several tiers of competitively priced membership rates, we have the perfect video game rental plan for you and your budget. Why wait? Sign up now and you could be playing your favorite game within days!

Social Networking

You’re always on the go? Take Gamerang with you wherever you are! Connect with Gamerang and its members on all the most popular social networking sites on the web. Share your comments, rental history, recommendations, stories and reviews, and more from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone.

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